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While the USFS officially reopened the Pow Wow in August 2012, what is still needed is a restoration plan for the Pow Wow Trail so that hikers can anticipate when they can safely enjoy the wilderness path as the land is healing.   This plan needs to include a vision for trail marking, timeline for clearing the trail, restoring the campsites, replacing the latrines and plan for funding trail clearing.   Brush will be growing profusely for tghe next 7-10 years until the canopy is re-established.  Good news:  BWAC survey crew that backpacked the Pow Wow Trail last Labor Day weeked spotted jackpine coming up along the trail.  It is hoped that Kurt Steele, the new district ranger at Tofte Ranger District will be open to developing goals, plan, and time line for restoration of Pow Wow Trail.  For photo essay of PWT and other trips see our website  For more information about the Coalition to Bring Back the Pow Wow Trail contact Martin Kubik at wtrails2atyahoodotcom.

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